The Struggles of being in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

In our modern time, meeting people and being in a relationship is very easy. We can easily communicate with different people anywhere in the world through the use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Tagged, etc. The availability of video messaging apps, like Messenger, Skype, Imo, Viber, etc. is just one touch away. Long Distance Relationship also surge high because of that.601116_118064275047232_1828085898_n

Being in a Long Distance Relationship is never easy. It entails being committed to each other despite of the distance. Having a strong heart, huge understanding, patience and open communication are required to make the relationship work. Waiting, wanting, and thinking about your partner is an everyday challenge. This is not an ordinary relationship that couples who is near to each other experience. But even though, it doesn’t mean that this kind of relationship doesn’t work. Based on what I have read in an article, almost 40% of LDRs are failure. It’s not because they don’t love each other, but they are not strong enough to handle the situation. Here, I am going to share to you some of the issues and struggles that people should look into before they try being into it.

  1. Timezone Problems

 You need to adjust your time in order to talk to each other. Sometimes, you have to wake up very early or sleep very late. Accept that your partner is not available to communicate with you most of the time due to the time difference. Also consider the sleeping and working time.


6:00 in the morning conversation be like – “I just got home. It’s 11 pm here. Need to rest.” Me: OK, I’ll prepare for work in a few minutes. I’ll see you later.”

 I understand that girls are becoming too clingy and needy sometimes, but please stop texting and/or calling your boyfriends during the time that they are sleeping. Also put into your minds that just like us, they have other things to do, aside from going to work, sleeping and talking with you. Be very patient. Breathe.


     2. WIFI or Internet connection.

The WIFI or internet connection is another struggle of those who are in LDR. Skype freezes at one point, calls are sometimes cut, signal is very weak and you can’t connect. When you are outside, you tend to look for public WIFI or turn on your mobile data so you can make sure that you can’t miss a call or a text.

  1. Can’t Celebrate Milestones Together

Being apart means not being able to attend on each other’s birthdays, and milestones and sometimes are celebrating their anniversaries apart. Instead, you celebrate and date through Skype or Imo.stock-vector-various-visa-stamps-from-passports-from-worldwide-travelling-vector-45079783

  1. Visa Requirements

Applying visa is a struggle, especially to countries like UK, USA, Canada, etc. Gathering all the necessary documents is never easy, plus you need to have an adequate amount of cash on your savings account so you can’t be denied for a visa.

  1. Budget for Plane Ticket

You are also going to experience tightening your budget and cutting your expenses, so you can save money for the plane ticket. Plus waiting for a promo airfare is not always easy. You can try Skyscanner app, so you will get notified on dates where there is a discounted fare.


  1. Fighting is never easy

When you are having an argument and you wanted to talk about it, but the other side of the line is not available. It makes us feel helpless. It crushes our heart. It frightens us that maybe the relationship is not going to work anymore, or maybe we are breaking up. Sometimes, it’s hard to explain what we IMG_20150822_201338_1really feel. When we only wanted a touch to comfort us, yet we realize that it is impossible. When you wanted to give a hug and tell your partner that everything is alright. When he want to give you tissue when you cry, but he can’t. That is frustrating.

  1. Negative feelings after a fight

Being too far from each other means you can’t kiss and make up after a fight. And some residue of the negative feelings remains for some time. Take your time. Pray. Have some alone time to think and erase the negativities.

  1. You get jealous constantly

Everytime you can’t contract him makes you think that he is doing something. It’s in your mind, girl! Don’t let your jealousy eat you up. It’s not good in every relationship. Have faith, trust each other, and learn to communicate.

  1. You Get Annoyed because of Lack of Communication

You have to understand that it’s not all the time that you are going to see each other on Skype or talk with each other over the phone. He has a life and you have a life. Your boyfriend, not being able to respond makes you feel annoyed which sometimes result to a heated argument, or fights. It’s not good for a long distance relationship.

  1. Saying bye, even when you wanted to stay longer

Ending a call is not easy. No one wants to push the end button. If that is the case, saying goodbyes at the airport is more difficult, more emotional, and more painful. But you have to accept the reality that at some point in time, you need to separate and wait until you will be staying with each other and no one needs to leave anymore.

It depends on us, those in LDRs, if we want the relationship to work or not. You have to be ready for everything; for sleepless nights, loneliness, crying alone, and heartaches. But once you overcome those, it will surely be fulfilling. Goodluck to everyone who wanted to try, and hooray to every couple who are now together after the challenging LDR. In God’s will! Insha’Allah!


2 thoughts on “The Struggles of being in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

  1. Natalie says:

    I’ve never been in a long distance romantic relationship, but I do have some friends who live on other continents. It was always tough to talk with them in real time because of those time zone differences! Nice post. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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