Learn Basic Malay

cartoon_malaysiaVisiting Malaysia? 

Malay is the major language spoken in Malaysia. Although Malaysians can understand and speak english well, it’s good to learn some local phrases when you visit a foreign land.

Here are some useful phrases and words you can use when you explore to Malaysia.

Basic Conversation

Welcome – Selamat Datang

Good Morning – Selamat pagi (slum-mut PUH-GUEE)

Good night – Selamat malam

Thank you – Terima kasih

You are welcome – Sama sama

Goodbye – Selamat jalan

What is your name? – Siapa nama anda? (siah-puh NUM-muh UN-duh?)

My name is ______ .  – Nama saya ______ .  

I am happy to meet you  – Saya gembira jumpa awak.

How are you? – Apa khabar? (AH-pAh KAH-bar?)

I’m fine – Khabar baikmandarin-08

I’m sorry – Minta maaf

Please – Sila / Tolong (see-LUH)

Help – Tolong (TOH-long)

Yes. – Ya.  

No. – Tidak.  (TEE-duck)

Maybe – Boleh jadi.  

Excuse me. – Maaf.  

Where is the toilet? – Di mana tandas? (DEE muh-nuh TAHN-das ?)


Common Signs

Entrance – Masuk

Exit – Keluar

Push – Tolak

Pull – Tarik

Restroom – Tandas

Open – Buka

Closed – Tutup

Men – Lelaki

Woman – Wanita

Don’t worry, most of their products are labelled in English and signs/directions are also written in English.  Hope this phrases can help you on your trip. Enjoy some local conversations! 



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