The Girl Wanderer

My name is Joyjoy, born and raised in a conservative environment in a small town of Daet in the Philippines. In my younger years, my life only evolve in home and school. I was a full-time student until college. Growing up, I was expected to get my degree, have a permanent and secured job and a good life.

I started working at the age of 21, right after I finished my bachelor degree; to fulfill the path to what they say better life. I work hard and save money. I was able to renovate our house and buy most of the things that I want. It’s fulfilling to some, but for me I feel like I am missing something. It is boring.


When I was young, I dreamed of traveling in some parts of the world. Paris, Batanes Philippines and Santorini Greece are my dream travel destination. My papa once told me that they brought me to Baguio City even I am very sick. When we arrived in Baguio, my temperature went back to normal, as if I was not sick. I think, they made me a little wanderer back then, lol! I always join educational field trips. Not for the grades, but to be able to visit other places. I’d been to Subic, Tagaytay, Batangas, Laguna and more. And I enjoyed it! 

My first long distance travel outside school was in Davao City. I had hoped to do it yearly, however, due to my busy working schedule, I wasn’t able to book for a trip the following years.

Recently, I had a Summer road trip to Sorsogon, Philippines and my first international trip in Malaysia and Singapore. It was unexpected and it’s not a planned trip. But it opened my eyes for another beautiful experience. I discovered a wonderful journey to take. My first DIY trip made me realized that I don’t need millions of money to travel and see the world. I wished I have done it on the early stage of my life. But it’s not too late to take that path, I still have more time to do that.

How I started blogging? Azzed is the reason why I tried doing this. He asked me to study creating a webpage for future use. Through searching and self-learning, i found wordpress. I created a page and wrote some articles. But the relationship with Azzed didn’t work out well. So instead of grieving and loving the pains and heartbreak, I continued doing this. I wrote what I feel, shared my travel experiences, and did some travel tips and guide based on my own experience. Remembering my adventures while I write the articles made me happy. I found a way to release my emotions which made moving on and letting go a bit easier than before.

Blogging inspirations? I’d been following these two blogs since 2015, The Poor Traveller and Two Monkeys Travel Group – they’d been my travel inspiration. They’re saying that we don’t need to become a millionaire just to travel and see the world, and I believe that is true. And also because of them, doing backpacking (in the near future) became my travel goal. 😉

So join me as I plan for my next destination. Let’s do the wandering, local or international. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you, especially MONEY. Fly high, dream high! More travels to come! Bon voyage!  xoxo

Feel free to send me direct messages, comments and/or suggestions to help me improve my blog. Thank you for wandering with me! xoxo!


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